Current issues :

Here is a list of our team's long-term issues we strive to defend:

Fall study break (aka: Semaine blanche):

EPFL's direction is considering to introduce a one-week study break in the middle of the fall semester. For first-year students, however, this week would be the occasion for professors teaching common subjects (bloc 1) to schedule midterms. For upper classes, it would be a week with no commitments. We welcome the whole study break idea but we are currently questioning students about the ways this off time could benefit them the most. 

Blog articles23.11.2014

Dining facilities:

Certain dining facilities have increase the student menu price last summer. We regrets this decision and we are fighting to improve the overall student meals offers.

Blog articles: 26.10.2014, 29.10.2014.

Restauration's survey 2017 report : here

Suppression of bonus exams :

The CDS (Conférence des Directeurs de Section) decided to remove bonus exams for all EPFL courses. We strongly oppose this decision because we are convinced that bonus exams are beneficial to a student's education and success.

MCQ exams:

The CDS has encouraged the use of MCQ-only exams for several first-year courses such as Analysis and Physics. We are extremely worried about this decision as this exam format could lead to a considerable degradation of examination quality and fairness.


The MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) continue to be deployed at different levels of EPFL's academic program. Although we believe MOOCS can enhance a student's study experience, we are closely monitoring the ways EPFL decide to implement them in the long run as a possible substitute to ex cathedra lectures. We are surveying students to better understand their concerns about this new teaching platform.


Tuitions and taxes:

Recently, federal deputies Nordman, Keller and Steirt have filed three parliamentary initiatives aiming at tripling tuitions fees for foreign students (non-fiscal residents in Switzerland) and to adjust current taxes to inflation for Swiss students. The AGEPolytique, jointly with the VESTH (ETHZ partner) and with the help of UNES, is fighting against these decisions and hopes to guarantee the financial accessibility of EPF education to everyone.

Nation-wide representation:

As of January 1st. 2015 AGEPoly is no longer a member of the UNES (Union Nationale des Etudiants de Suisse - National Union of Swiss Students).

(UNES actively collaborates with the majority of Swiss universities on topics of a national importance, such as on the federal initiative on student grants, which goal is to standardize financial aid in Swizerland (more info on this page)).

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