The different authorities at EPFL

Here is a non exhanstive list of the different organisms, services, and exective meetings that any EPFL student should be aware of.

4 societies representing each body:

AGEPoly (General Student Society of Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne): represents students. More specifically, the AGEPolytique (one of the three poles of the AGEPoly) takes care of student representation. At the national and international level, student rights are defented by the UNES (National Unions of Swiss Students).

ACIDE (Society of the intermediary body of EPFL): represents the intermediary body; i.e. teachning staff, doctoral candidates, and post-doctorates.

APC (Society of the Confederation’s Personnel): represents EPFL employees. It is a national organization which is part of the USS (Syndical Swiss Union).

APEL (EPFL professors’ society): represents professors.

Organisms of EPFL:

Direction: the head of EPFL. The big boss is Prof. Patrick Aebischer.

SAC (Academic Service, Registrar Office): is the administrative service that manages student files. If you have any administrative questions concerning your grades, enrollement certificates, calsses, you should contect them.

DAF (Educational Affairs): provides education services to EPFL students and teaching staff. The AGEPoly often meets with the DAF.

DSPS (Security, Prevention and Health Field): takes care of security and health (first aiders).

FEE (EPFL Student Foundation): hands out grants, supports social projects. One student representative.

CAPE (Educational Support Center)

IC-ISIM-CHILI  (Research Laboratory)

CDEE (Centre for digital era education, that takes care of MOOCs)

Participative instances within EPFL:

School Assembly: regroups four representatives of each body. The SA is consulted before any general interest decision by the direction or the CEPF (council of the EPFs).

CDS (Conference of the Section Directors): make decisions on teaching questions. It reunited the direction, the section directors, and representatives of each body (including two students) and meets twice a month.

Faculty Council: similar role to AE but at the faculty level.

Section Council: a particularity of IC and STI faculties only.

Teaching Commission: defines study plans. A student per year and by master orientation sits there.

The committees of EPFL (with link = students sit there)

Bachelor’s admission committee

Master’s admission committee

Excellency grants committee: hands excellency grants.

Cultural committee

Committee of SHS teaching: discusses SHS teachings. One bachelor student and one master student representative.

Doctoral committee

Committee of ethics: 2 students sit there.

FMEL committee: one AGEPoly and one FAE members are invited to each "Conseil de Fondation". FMEL is a foundation that handles most of students accomodations of Lausanne.

Mobility committee

Research committee

Restauration committee

Social Committee: distributes financial aids to EPFL students. One students sits there.

University sports committee.

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