Teaching commission

Composition and nomination mode

Each section has its own teaching commission. These are composed of members belonging to the corresponding section, meaning:

  • Of the director of the section, who presides,

  • Of teachers,

  • Of assistants, scientific collaborators and doctoral candidates,

  • Of a delegate per year and per orientation for the masters.

With the exception of the section director, the members of the teaching committee are named by the Faculty direction after approval of the proposition by the Faculty council. The length of mandates is of two years; for students, it is of one year. This mandates are renewable.

Number of sessions

At least one teaching commission per semester on summons from their president or by request of three of their members.


The teaching committee offers, according to the directives of the Vice-Presidency for the Formation, the study plans and regulations of study control of their respective sections.

  • They evaluate the application of study plans and study control and suggest improvements or adaptations.

  • They coordinate their activities with each other within the Faculty, through their presidents. They may create a coordination group.

  • They deal with current issues linked to the proceedings of studies.

  • They give their opinion to the Faculty direction on all questions touching on teaching.

  • They advise their section directors.

  • They take their decisions with simple majority of present members.

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