Faculty Council:

The Faculty Council is one of the two organisms of the Faculty, the other being the Faculty Direction.


  • Presided by the Dean.

  • Teaching body: APEL

  • Intermediary body: ACIDE

  • Administrative and technical body: APC

  • Student body AGEPOLY. The student members are elected at the end of the previous school year. The number of members is not the same for all the faculties. If there are not enough elected members, the AGEPoly names the remaining members.

Number of sessions:

The Faculty Council regroups at least four times a year.


The Faculty Council is the organism where right to participate is expressed: it oversees the participation and information of the bodies at the heart of the faculty (e.g. teaching, intermediary, administrative and technical or student bodies).

It approves the strategic propositions relative to bachelors’ and masters’ teachings, research and planning of the faculty.

  • Teaching (creation and suppression of degrees, definition of the grading methods)

  • Research (annual activity report, general research politics)

  • Planning (strategic planning, creation or deletion of institutes or centers)

  • Faculty regulations

  • Endorsement of nomination propositions according to regulations of each faculty.

It is the branch of the faculty which receives propositions from members of faculty (proposition’s right).

It names the representative of each body in the Nomination Committee of the Dean.

The presidency of the Faculty Council (the Dean) or a delegated member, communicates with the school assembly.

Faculty Council ordonnance

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