Study trip:

Every year, an official day is made available for a field trip, or a “course d’étude”. The date is already scheduled in advance and available on the academic calendar (typically in March). You can find this date on the Registrar's website SAC.

The teaching staff must not teach classes during this day.

This “course d'études” concerns students in their 2nd  Bachelor year or 1st Masters year only.

Class representatives should be in charge of organizing the field trip, and if they wish to, may also delegate the task to other students of their class. A good way to do this is to elect a working group of motivated student. Your section has special funds for this day so don’t forget to ask them about it!

Don't forget that this study trip has to be linked to your academic track, and, in the event you would deviate from your subject of study, you will have to justify your choice to your section. The exact nature of this “course d’étude” is at the discretion of your section’s director and may range from visiting an engineering company to an outing day in the Swiss alps!

Don’t forget to ask questions to your upper classmates to help you organize your field trip!

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