There are three principal roles:

  • Representation
  • Information
  • Animation

As well as different level of delegate actions.

At the heart of the class:

  • Represent the students of their class. Discuss with professors about class organization issues such as office hours, oral exams, timetable conflicts, or anything else related to a particular course.
  • Mediate communication between the students, the section, the direction, and the AGEPoly. Class representatives are strongly encouraged to stay informed about campus events and upper academic decisions.
  • May organize class activities such as study trips, dinners, and happy hours ;-)

At the section level:

One class representative per class must:

  • Sit at the Teaching Committee
  • Sit at the Section Council (only for IC and STI faculties)

At the faculty level:

Class representatives may also choose to sit at the Faculty Council. Member of the Faculty Council are elected at the end of the academic year. Any students can be elected to sit at the Faculty Council.

At the EPFL level:

  • Must follow the student representative training provided by the AGEPoly. We will detail you your role and duties, introduce you the different organisms of the school to which you will likely interact with, and present the work done by the AGEPoly and in particular the AGEPolytique's mission and current issues.
  • You will meet with the EPFL direction once a semester. This conference is always preceded by a meeting organized by the AGEPoly 1-2 weeks before in order to prepare the list of issues to discuss.
  • Sit at the student representative chamber which precedes every General Assembly (GA) of the AGEPoly.

The list of delegates is available here.

You should be aware that your role is of the utmost importance to the school and your efforts will officially recognized and written down on your Diploma Supplement at the end of your studies.

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