Class representative / EPFL direction meeting

Once per semester, the School Direction organizes a meeting with class representatives from each section of all years. During these meetings, you may discuss directly with Patrick Aebischer, the President of our school, as well as with other members of the direction. Subjects such as bonus exam suppression, infrastructure, standardization of first year courses, and MOOCs are topics that have been previously discussed for example.

Preparation to the representative / direction meeting

The AGEPoly organizes a preparatory meeting two weeks before the conference with the EPFL direction in order to define the agenda. Working groups may be formed at the end of the meeting.

Next meeting:

Monday May 18th 2015, from 17:15 to 19:00 (room TBD).

A doodle will be sent to you three weeks before to determine the best time for the meeting.

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