The Executive Control is an executive oversight body that ensures the requests for appeal on decisions and activities of AGEPoly. (Art. 3.20 of the Articles of AGEPoly)

This body is composed of 7 to 11 students (see Art. 3.21 for the specific distribution) and only meets on request of at least 20 AGEPoly members. This body is in place since 2014.

It can be reached at



  • Axel Valentin (Accounting Control)
  • Alexandre Foucqueteau (Control Commission)
  • Arnaud Boissaye (Control Commission)
  • Romain Pugin (Activity Commissions)
  • Ruben Ganansia (Activity Commissions)
  • Natalia Nessler (Class Respresentatives)
  • Othman Benaghmouch (AGEPoly Members)

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