Posted by: Diane Claire Marie Bernard-Bruls , May 31 2019, 17:18

The AGEPoly Board for 2019-2020 has been elected. They will start on the 1st of August.

Here is the composition of the Board:

President - Delphine Zihlmann

Vice-President - Nicolò Ferrari

Administrateur - Manon Boissat

General Secretary - Yves Martin

AGEPolytique Manager - Maxime Brosset

External Affairs Manager - Marwan El Chazli

Services Manager - Camille Montemagni

Sport Manager - Sarah Fleury

Animation Manager- Matthieu Baud

Communication Manager - Clément Lecoeur

IT Manager - Téo Goddet

Commissions Manager - Agathe Pusterle de Cidrac

Logistics Manager - Romain Pugin 

If you're interested in joining one of the 7 AGEPoly teams (AGEPolytique, Animation, Communication, IT, Logistics, Services, Sports), you can already send an email at :)


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