Photo club activities are organized around a three-week cycle :

Week 1 - Course : Courses are offered to repeat the basics of photography and to further

Week 2 - Workshop : group outings are organized to take pictures on a common topic, and help implement the concepts discussed in the previous class.

Week 3 - Coffee photo : Photo of criticism sessions allowing you to have various opinions on the photos you submit.

The cycle is then over and a new one can start on another subject.

In addition to these regular cycles, the photo club offers other festivities.

Laboratory : a laboratory development is available to all club members. We provide the chemistry, but you must provide your paper. A quick introduction to the laboratory manager is required before use.

Events : The club is now on some events of the EPFL for capture. Among these include Japan Impact, the Dahu Wired Session, Polylive, and the Forum. These events are an opportunity to practice photography in an environment different from usual.

Mors infos, please send an email to :

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