In Europe, the image coveyed by the Japanese culture is often restricted to a handful of elements: manga, sushi, martial arts... Most often, these ideas are incomplete or distorted by our "Occidental" vision. It was to discover other aspects of this fascinating world, and to provide a framework conducive to trade around that passion, that the AGEPoly commission, PolyJapan, was born.

Since its beginning, the commission holds regular screenings of Japanese animation series and films in original version with subtitles, whose frequency has increased over time, reaching a weekly basis. Wishing to offer an additional approach of Japan, Japanese language courses at different levels, accessible to students, were set up will increasing success to the campus population with about 70 enrolled this semester.

Taking the scale over the years, the AGEPoly commission, PolyJapan, created a two-day event involving the whole Switzerland : Japan Impact. It is a convention rallying the various facets of Japanese culture to a wide audience and enable a discovery of Japan from all angles.

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