Robopoly is:

An introduction to robotics

Once a week, members are invited to attend the demons(tration) lectures given by the committee or guest lecturers from research laboratories around EPFL. They are guided in the design and assembly of the PRisme, the robotic base developed by Robopoly, to create their very own robot.


Three times a year, Robopoly organizes robotics competitions for its members. From simple line following to localization and destruction of towers, these contests reward creativity and common sense of the participants. The Grand Concours pits members against each other in a competition of skill, efficiency and speed and is the culmination of two semesters of learning and development.

Research and Development Projects

Robopoly also offers the opportunity to more advanced members to work and collaborate on robotics projects such as designing new robotics platforms, new modules such as cameras or RFID card readers, or any new idea that interests them in particular. Our talented committee can always help by answering questions or offering advice!

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