The General Assembliy is the supreme body of the AGEPoly. It gathers all its members. It elects the Executive Committee, decides on the Statuts modifications, and decides to create or to dissolve Activity Commissions (the complete list of the General Assembly’s competences is available in the AGEPoly Statuts). It gathers at least twice a year during Ordinary General Assembly.

The General Assembly are preceded by the Representatives Commission, which can refuse to add points to the agenda, and give their consultative advice on the motions and the Committee candidates. It also has the power to vote on modifications of some of the AGEPoly regulations.

Latest General Assembly

The Committee AGEPoly has held its latest GA:

March 18th, 2020 at 18h15 in CO1


  1. Welcome and explanations about the General Assembly
  2. Assessment of the General Control Commission
  3. Modification of the GA’s amendment rule
  4. Creation of the new Commission “Nuit de la Magistrale”
  5. Modification of the statutes*
  6. Divers

Voting is done by show of hands (or using secret ballots on demand).  
AGEPoly is an association for all EPFL students. Your questions, remarks and suggestions are welcome.

*subject to acceptance of the statues by the DAF.

New commission “Nuit de la Magistrale”:
The evening following the Magistrale was at the time organized by a commission, and this for many years. About ten years ago, this changed and it came back to the committee. As the latter is well loaded at the start of the semester and for other projects to be carried out in parallel, it is usually organized in a Palace in Lausanne, which drastically reduces the number of people who can take place there. This year, a great team is motivated to take on the project in the form of a commission in order to make it grow and organize it, if the project is carried out, on Campus.

Modification of the statues:
In recent months, a working group has been mandated by the committee to work on our statutes in order to correct certain inconsistencies in them. The aim of the working group set up was to make a precise evaluation of the 2016 and 2019 versions in order to maximize the consistency and general clarity of the documents while rehabilitating the 2016 version on sensitive subjects that had not not taken into account during the last modification.
A question-and-answer session open to all students will take place on Tuesday March 10 at 7:00 p.m. in CM 1 2.
Do not hesitate to write an email to if you have comments or suggestions on these statutes!


Explanatory documents are available here.

Previous General Assemblies

You will find the minutes of the previous General Assemblies here.