Amongst the different issues discussed by the AGEpolytique team, some of them are recurrent or span over a long period of time. Here is an overview of the main subjects:

Increase of tuition fees

On September 28th 2017, an increase of tuition fees project has been proposed by the ETH Council. This raise would make the costs of tuition go from CHF 1160.- to CHF 1660.- a year, beginning at the Autumn semester 2019. AGEPoly has been consulted and has taken position against such a raise, which it regards as harmful for the students. An active campaign of information has been conducted, and AGEPoly encouraged the students to express themselves. The final decision taken by the ETH Concil was an increse of CHF 300.- instead of CHF 500.-.

You can find the press release of AGEPoly (in french) here

Mise à Niveau (MAN)

The MAN semester has been introduced during the 2016/17 academic year to replace the support course “Polymaths”. Students with a GPA below 3,5 during their first semester of propédeutique are obliged to follow and pass this course in order to be allow to retake their first year. The main objective of this cursus it to reinforce basic knowledge of fundamental mathematics and physics for students who are experiencing difficulties. Failure at MAN being synonym of exclusion of EPFL AGEPolytique team keeps paying close attention to the feedback of students.


EPFL campus proposes a very diverse offer for restauration. The main customers having a very constrained budget, it is essential that prices remain affordable and stable. The opening hours of restauration should also fit the needs of students, by allowing cheap meals on evenings and during the week-ends. It is to be noted that the Esplanade cafeteria is now open on Saturdays at noon.

Holiday week during the Autumn semester

The idea of having a week of holidays during the holidays is a one that would satisfy a good number of students. After a lot of discussions throughout the years, arranging such a week is at the moment not possible as it depends on national-level authorities.


Teaching methods evolve with the apparition of new teaching formats such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Even if it can be a positive evolution for teaching, we are paying close attention to the feedback of students.

The spread of MCQ at for first-year examinations also are a subject of worry for the quality and pertinence of evaluation methods.


The number of students at EPFL a considerably increased throughout the years. It is thus important to be able to guarantee good study conditions to all students. AGEPolytique team often asks class representatives about the availability of infrastructures, the occupancy of lecture theatres…

National representation

Since January 1st 2015, AGEPoly isn’t part of VSS|UNES (National Student Union of Switzerland) anymore. However, AGEPoly maintains good relations with other student associations in Switzerland, more especially with its counterpart at ETH Zürich, VSETH, for subjects that concern both schools.