Class representatives are a central pillar of student representation on campus. They ensure the link between students, AGEPoly and the various EPFL bodies.

In particular, they take part in the Teaching Committees of their section, in the two annual meetings with EPFL Management and in the various meetings with AGEPoly (House of Representatives of the association, delegate training, preparation of meetings with EPFL Management, etc.).

Through their involvement in the ARES/CERES structure, they participate in the transmission of information between the different sections and the different levels of representation. They can thus benefit from the advice of other more experienced delegates, report problems to AGEPoly, establish links with the section associations and then pass on their skills to their successors.

The delegates mainly fulfill three functions within their class: representing their class to the teachers and during the various meetings, providing information (transmission of important information) and organising events such as field trips and possible class meals.

Student representatives also have the opportunity to sit in different assemblies:

In their section:
In their School:

One class representative per class must:

NB: The members of the School Councils are elected at the end of the school year; therefore they are not necessarily class representatives.

At the EPFL level:

Student representatives:

The list of delegates is available here (connexion to EPFL wifi or to the VPN is necessary).

If you would like more information, you can access the deleguide, which contains most of the information necessary for student representatives.

You should be aware that the role of student representative is of the utmost importance to EPFL and your efforts will officially recognized and listed on your Diploma Supplement at the end of your studies.

If you have a problem and don’t know who to contact, contact us: