The primary role of any committee member is to represent students on campus, through meetings with the various EPFL bodies. The committee make all decisions together and have equal weight, in order to do what is most appropriate from the students’ point of view.

President and Vice-president

The role of the presidency is to coordinate and accompany the committees to ensure the successful completion of their projects. So they are going to get into everything! In addition, they are representatives of the association: contact with entities inside and outside the campus is therefore an important part of the work. Being comfortable speaking in front of a large number of people is important if you want to carry out this position, because there are several occasions: a speech in front of all the first years at the beginning of the year (STCC), a speech during the Magistrale (graduation ceremony, also at the STCC), as well as the holding of the General Assemblies. It is also possible to be contacted by the press in order to react on some current topics. One last thing by the way: you have to love and master emails 😉

Head of Finance

Responsible for the accounting of the whole AGEPoly: management of bank accounts, coordination of our intranet used by our dear secretary Marianne, our committees & commissions, as well as our professional accounting tool maintained by our accountant. Analysis and allocation of requests for subsidies and sponsoring. Preparation and presentation of the budget voted at the General Assembly of October, as well as the accounts at the General Assembly of October thereafter.

Head of Internal Affairs

The SG relieves the presidency of some operational tasks not assigned to any particular post (such as organising meals with management, goodie bags or inter-team work) or monitors cross-cutting projects in the Committee’s posts. In addition, he/she will take care of the administrative workload such as taking, noting and publishing the various discussions and decisions that are made. He/she will also be the person in charge of the contact with requests related to any particular position.

He is a free electron: projects change completely each passing year and the SG can be a support that accompanies projects carried out by other positions (e.g. this year : sustainability dialogues, or the WG Coaching).

Internal relationship management: it guarantees a tidy and up-to-date drive/wiki. Being a force of proposal to innovate in “meta-committee” (i.e. how to coordinate well with each other). This can even extend to the teambuilding of the committee, in agreement with the presidency.

Good pal & continuous improvement: rereading, relaunching and giving opinions on this or that file from different posts, or writing an email, so that no file falls through for lack of follow-up. Overall, being aware of what is going on.

Head of Commissions

The Commission Manager coordinates, supports and monitors our 19 commissions. This person must have direct contact with them to help them on a daily basis and organizes inter-commission or inter-association evenings in order to create interaction between commissions/associations on campus. He/she is also encouraged to create and undertake his/her own projects such as, in recent years, the reorganization of storage spaces and premises, or deep reflections on the structure of certain commissions.

Head of Logistics

The Logistics Manager will manage, repair and lend equipment to the different associations and commissions on campus, so that they can carry out projects and events with good quality shared equipment. He is also in charge of the management and coordination of the AGEPoly’s premises (both storage and work). He also has a key role in certain events, such as the construction of the Advent chalet and the security management of PolyNite. The AGEPoly also has large equipment such as construction site barriers, which is why AGEPoly logistics has forklift drivers to move it around.

Head of IT

The IT Manager is responsible for hosting the AGEPoly sites, its commissions and some associations in collaboration with the system administrator (AGEPoly employee). Development of web services (AGEPoly intranet: Truffe, wish, … ). Management of the AGEPoly IT (computers, GSuite, communication systems, telephones).

Head of Communication

Artistic director and Community manager, he is kind of the artistic eye of the AGEPoly, responsible for the posters, but also for the social networks and the Newsletter. He ensures consistency in AGEPoly’s communications. His biggest challenge is to succeed in touching and communicating with all the students. This is therefore a position that is both creative and strategic.

Head of Student Representation

The AGEPolytic Manager is responsible for the coordination of student representation (election of delegates and organization of the ARES and CERES structures). This person manages student representation at the school, in particular by participating in the Conference of Section Directors but also by writing most of the position papers. Finally, in collaboration with the team, he/she works on various substantive issues to improve the study conditions for students on a daily basis.

Head of External Relations

The “RelEx” Manager maintains contact with the student representative associations of other universities (such as FAE or VSETH) and of Switzerland in general (UNES). He organizes the Round Table of Section Associations (TRAS) once or twice a semester. In view of the representation dimension of this position, the RelEx also manages the AGEPolytic team alongside the AGEPolytic manager.

Head of Sports

Organization of multiple sporting events to get the campus moving in a fun and good mood. These can be events to discover a precise sport or more serious tournaments. Some events such as PolySki (the ski weekend open to all students) are fixed, but it is also possible to imagine and create many new events. It is therefore mainly about events, so we will have to manage the organization (shifts), logistics, and finally communication to reach as many students as possible. He/she is fully in contact with the students and it is possible to see directly this contribution to their well-being.

Head of Animation

The Animation Manager has a leading role in setting the atmosphere on campus. After organizing the first party of the year: PolyNite, you will organize different events such as the Advent calendar, the Christmas ball, PolyNice, Back-to-Easter or Vivapoly. For each one, you will have to manage from A to Z the organization and its progress, and you will have by your side a team that you will have chosen beforehand. This team will accompany you all year round to have a good time as an organizer. You will be free to come up with new ideas or, if you wish, organise new event concepts, while respecting your budget defined at the beginning of the year.

You will develop leadership skills, you will have to adapt to certain situations and learn how to deal with the unexpected because in events: anything can happen. This job is very stimulating and you will meet people you like. The former Animation Managers and members of AGEPoly will also be there to support you in your different tasks.

Head of Services

The Services Manager is responsible for providing services to students. In terms of events, including Boursobouquins, sales at reduced rates and distributions during revision times, the Services team is present on campus all year round to facilitate the students’ daily life. The Services Manager also manages AGEPoly’s partnerships: the main aim of this aspect is to offer good deals and discounts to students. He is in charge of looking for new partners, of maintaining contact with existing partners and of promoting to students the various good plans that result from the partnerships. The Services Manager is also responsible for managing the stock of goodies and clothing in the AGEPoly shop. He/she is also in charge of organising the distribution of goodie bags organised by AGEPoly at the beginning of the year: he has to find sponsors to finance the bags and to provide their contents.

Head of Prevention (new!)

The Prevention Manager’s role is to highlight and bring together the prevention actions present on the campus. His/her main task is the management of the PolyPrev project: a series of thematic events, around a topic chosen among the six selected : Alcohol, Drugs, Sexuality, Respect, Mental Health and Work Environment. It collaborates with health professionals to conceptualize its different events, takes care of the organizational part and actively collaborates with the Communication department in order to give PolyPrev the necessary visibility. The Prevention Manager also manages the stock of condoms made available by AGEPoly, organizes two blood donations per year and participates in the School’s actions related to its activities. The aim of his role is to deploy prevention actions throughout the campus, throughout the year, and among all students: his actions must be as inclusive as possible.