Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

AGEPoly proposes a wide range of equipment that can be rented (or borrowed) by EPFL approved units.

Among this equipment you'll find:

  • Professional Walkie-Talkies with coverage from Geneva to Montreux
  • Semi-Professional Sound&Light equipment (mainly for events outside of the campus)
  • Various kitchen tools such as: 30L barrels, hobs, cutlery, hotdog machines, crepe machines, grill, etc.
  • Semi-Professional DIY tools: drills, jigsaw, toolbox, etc.
  • Event barriers (Jaquets)
  • and much more...

In most cases, a deposit is required for associations, and no deposit is required for AGEPoly commissions.

AGEPoly reserves the right to refuse any equipment reservation for any reason.

The reservations are done on Truffe.

For any other question, please contact

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