Gest-Union SA at EPFL

Your partner in all insurance branches,foresight, mortgages and financial products.

You are coming from abroad or you are a Swiss resident... You need personalized advice about your insurance? You wish to save money? Don’t wait any longer! We have a solution for you.

Gest-Union SA offers personalized and individual counseling on choosing your insurance coverage and provides assistance throughout your administrative tasks. Gest-Union SA chooses the most attractive, best suited to your situation and your age, the following insurance contracts, with unique conditions.

It is able to reduce your annual costs to a minimum:

  • Health insurance
  • Private liability insurance
  • Household contents insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Legal protection insurance

For more information, please see Gest-Union SA website:

For any request please contact Mrs Zina Mizzon : or +41.21.695.69.38 or +41.78.920.68.00 . 

Mrs Zina Mizzon can also meet you by appointment (and free of charge).

General information on Swiss insurances on this website:

You can also contact the AGEPoly for common questions.

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