AGEPoly is the Student's Association of the EPFL. She has as statutory goals to represent the EPFL's students, defend the general interests of the students, inform and consult its members about all the decisions of the EPFL Direction that concern them. The association tries to cause the student's awareness of its role within the EPFL. It also has the statutory goals to animate the campus and provide student services to enhance and facilitate life on campus.


The Association has been created in 1951 under the name of AGEPUL (General Association of the EPUL : Polytechnic University of Lausanne). Since 1964, she wears the actual name.

In 1983, the AGEPoly develops as the Spongiflex several projects for relaxation and socializing. In December of that year, the school provides a room in CM. Ideas come, the spirits are unleashed, the project takes shape. Spongiflex is a name that seems to "jinx", says Marc Dikôtter, Spongiflex Committee 83, a competition is launched and the name of Satellite wins. Since 1985, the commission Satellite, that gets Sat as its little name, got a big success : weekly concerts, bar, cartoon library, backgammon competitions, and even billiards. In 2006, following an audit by KPMG and risks concerning the VAT, the commission is dissolved in favor of the creation of the Association Satellite.


The AGEPoly (Student's General Association of the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne) is a private association within the meaning of Articles 60 and following of the Swiss civil sode. It has a motto, "students together", three poles which are missions for the association, a multitude of actions and a Direction Committee, consisting of 7 to 14 students, elected at the General Assembly.

The present Committee consists of a President, a Vice-President, an administrator, a responsible for the AGEPolytique, a responsible for UNES, a responsible for the pole services, a responsible for the pole animation and sport, a responsible for IT and logistic, a responsible for communication and a responsible for the commissions.

It also has 19 commissions of activity.

The three poles

The AGEPoly is composed of three activity poles, which are all missions : services to students, campus activities, and the students's representation.

  • services to students : the AGEPoly provides services to students going from meals coupons to campus photocopy machins, through blood donation or grant to eBooks.
  • campus activities : the cluster "Animation & Sport" of the AGEPoly offers and organizes many events throughout the year. The week before school starts, AGEPoly offers a week called "integration" for two-hundres new students from the EPFL, whether 1st year or exchange; from the start, the beginning of the School's Bal and PolyNite welcomes the students; during winter comes PolyNice and the Christmas's Bal. During the whole year events between the commission's of the AGEPoly, Vivapoly, etc.
  • student representation : the AGEPoly, as the association of all EPFL student, is the representative of the students with the Direction of EPFL and the various central services. To accomplish the mission, the AGEPoly appoints some students in the various school commissions, forms working groups on specific topics and based on a student group that meets weekly to duscuss and take a side on issues and topics of the moment. This weekly meeting is open to all students under the direction of responsible representation of Direction Committee of the AGEPoly, elected at the General Assembly.

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