How to get October off to a good start?

To start the autumn gently, AGEP still has plenty of surprises in store for you!


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Week of October 6th

What’s Up @AGEPoly ?

With the semester already well underway, it’s time to get back into sports and to cultivate your ecological awareness, isn’t it?

Stay active !

Last week took place our first sporting event: we enjoyed the rare rays of sunshine to introduce you to spike ball!

If you missed it, you can still join us for a trail initiation on Saturday, or come and watch a LHC match at a student price (20.-) with free scarf and hot-dog 😉 .


Oh ! And if you like winter sports, we have a surprise in store for you for the next AGEPnews.

Sustainability dialogues are back !

As you probably remember, last semester AGEPoly proposed several conferences concerning sustainability.


Unfortunately, we had to cancel them due to COVID, but they will resume next week!


The first one will be about Sustainable restoration et aur lieu le 12 octobre. 

What’s Up @EPFL ?

Goodbye to the new graduates !

For EPFL, end-of-vacation rhymes with graduation.


Last week, the Magistrale ceremony was organized to celebrate the graduation of 1072 students!


If it’s a long way off for many of us (for me too 😅), we congratulate them on their graduation and we wish you to join them soon, without forgetting to enjoy your years of studies!

A short summary of the COVID situation at EPFL

As we told you a month ago, we joined the COVID management commission of the EPFL to represent the students and help the EPFL in this perspective.


Updates :

we are thinking with EPFL about the organization of the exam session in winter to make it more adapted to the situation
we now sell disposable masks at student prices at our boutique on the Esplanade!