AGEPoly validated its first strategic plan!

An information session on the strategic plan has been held on Friday, April 16, 2021 at 12:00 pm. The recording is available here.

You can find AGEPoly’s strategic plan at this link.

Here you can find the feedback from the consultation on the strategic plan.

27.03.2021 Start of consultation
31.03.2021 Presentation at the Extraordinary General Assembly
16.04.2021 Information session
26.04.2021 End of the consultation
06.05.2021 Publication of the strategic plan
It is the collection of all the projects and strategic initiatives carried out by the AGEPoly Executive Board. It is written by the Board, which collects and integrates suggestions from the student community and updates it once a semester. It is therefore a document that evolves over time.
- Improve the transfer of information
- To improve the follow-up of projects in the medium and long term
- To give continuity to projects
- To give a global vision of the projects in progress
- Strengthen the feedback of the community on the projects in progress
- Improve the transparency of our projects
All students who wish to send their comments and views on the strategic plan can email by April 26, 2021. These will be published on our website and will receive a response when the final document is published in early May 2021. Those who wish to do so may also request that their email not be made public.