Polyquity’s testimonials

Our Polyquity Commission collects testimonials on the subjects of sexism, harassment, homophobia and aggression.

Statement of Commitment

The AGEPoly has decided to engage in this societal fight against:

Together with several associations on campus, AGEPoly has therefore drafted a statement of commitment to officially commit itself against this struggle. This declaration is available here.

Do you feel harassed?

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are being harassed. EPFL has therefore written articles on this subject.

Who to contact in case of sexism, harassment or aggression?

EPFL summarizes the possible procedures to be followed here.

However, it is important in this case not to stay alone and talk about it. EPFL offers the following support:

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the Social Consultation (consultation.sociale@epfl.ch) whose interviews are free and confidential.