AGEPoly is the General Student Association of EPFL. All students of the school are automatically members!
AGEPoly has 4 main goals: to animate the campus, to represent the students, to inform them about the School's decisions and to offer them services. More globally, it aims to make life on campus more pleasant and formative for students!
L’AGEPoly est une association étudiante, composée de plus de 600 étudiant·e·s bénévoles. Elle est dirigée par un Comité de Direction, aidé de ses équipes. Les commissions, au nombre de 19, proposent des activités en tout genre ! L'AGEPoly a également quatre employé·e·s pour l'aider dans la gestion des tâches administratives quotidiennes.
AGEPoly is a student association, composed of more than 600 volunteer students. It is managed by a Management Committee, assisted by its teams. The 19 committees offer a wide range of activities! AGEPoly also has four employees to help with the daily administrative tasks.

Student representation

In order to have an effective representation, AGEPoly sets up several levels of representatives. At the class and section level, this is the role of the delegates. At the school level, it is the role of the section delegates, the AGEPolytique and the AGEPoly committee
C'est l'AGEPoly qui organise les élections des délégué·e·s dans les classes, puis qui forme ces derniers. Ensuite, tout au long de l'année, elle organise plusieurs rencontres avec eux·lles afin d'entendre leurs retours et de pouvoir les faire remonter à qui de droit au sein de l'école
The ARES, or Assembly of Section Representatives, brings together the class delegates and the section association of a given section. There is one per section in the whole EPFL. The role of the ARES is to designate the section delegate and to discuss issues affecting the whole section. It also has the role of allowing the transmission of knowledge between the older and newer delegates.
The CERES, or Council of section's student representatives, brings together all the section delegates as well as the AGEPoly. The purpose of this body is to bring up problems raised by the delegates, but also to discuss issues concerning the whole school.
AGEPoly very often discusses the various problems affecting students with the relevant EPFL authorities. It meets with the Education Department (DAF) every month and with the school management every semester. When necessary, she also goes spontaneously to discuss with the persons concerned.
Although AGEPoly is no longer part of the National Union of Students of Switzerland (UNES), it maintains good relations with the latter. In addition, AGEPoly has strong links with its counterpart at ETH Zürich (VSETH) as well as with its counterpart at UNIL (FAE). Thanks to these connections, AGEPoly is able to intervene in collaboration with other concerned entities when an issue affecting students goes beyond EPFL.
In accordance with its statutes, AGEPoly is free from any political or religious affiliation or orientation. However, it intervenes in the political debate on issues directly affecting students, such as the increase in student fees.

Logistics and material supplies

AGEPoly lends equipment primarily to its committees, but also to all student associations recognized by EPFL. It deals with other requests on a case by case basis. AGEPoly does not lend equipment for private use.
Reservations must be made at least 3 to 10 days in advance depending on the equipment lent. This information is available on Truffe2 in the description of the material lent.
AGEPoly mainly lends out small kitchen equipment, sound/light equipment, DIY equipment or logistics equipment. The complete list of loaned equipment is available on Truffe2.
First of all, you have to check that the status of the request is not Draft, because otherwise it will not be taken into account. Otherwise, in the general case, you just have to check if the request is validated, and, if so, come at the appointment time indicated on the reservation.
The time of the reservation is indicated on the reservation, and, unless otherwise indicated, the meeting place is at the AGEPoly store. As a member of the logistics team is present at each loan and return, it is extremely unwise to arrive late.