This page aims to provide you with the tools to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of conducting an exam so that you are aware of your rights during this crucial learning period.

If you believe there is a violation of the regulations, do not hesitate to contact your class delegation, which can then reach out to the representation department of AGEPoly if necessary to address the issue.

The official examination rules are mostly outlined in three legally binding texts, which are relatively short but dense:

There are many other texts, known as “LEX,” that could prove useful, listed on Polylex. The LEX with numbers starting with 2.6 (subsection “Exams and Appeals”) are specifically related to exams and related matters.

Since 2021, the Center for Teaching Support (CAPE) has offered an “Assessment handbook” that summarizes the LEX concerning exams and provides their interpretation by the legal service of EPFL. Here is the September 2023 version: [link].

Among the most important rules, but sometimes overlooked:

Examination Content:

Exam Supervision:

Inability to Attend the Exam: