The “Respect 101” conferences aim to raise awareness among students on topics such as respect, living together and human interactions.

Conferences schedule

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“Nothing About Us Without Us” – What is the status of accessibility at EPFL?

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What’s the point exactly?

It is important for each and everyone of us to grow some interests for these problematics, in order to be aware of the amazing diversity that our campus offers, and, more globally, to get a better undestanding and grasp of other people’s feelings. We are really committed to making sure our campus, which holds more than 140 nationalities, becomes a united and respectful community where any identity is welcomed and undestood. After all, a safe space is easier to learn in.

For this, each conference will be held with one or multiple speaker(s), which will share with us their experience and expertise. Interaction with the student public is key.

We feel that working towards a safer and more respectful campus requires each one of us to get interested in these topics. We encourage you to come to these conferences, no matter what your beliefs are, to give your opinion and ask relevant questions to our speakers.

We are doing our best to make the conferences available either as podcasts or videos, in a shorter format.