The representation of the student body at EPFL starts with the class representatives, who link students to their teachers as well as their sections. AGEPoly backs, coordinates, trains and informs the class representatives through multiple entities and meetings, that are also made concrete through projects such as the ones below.

The rights of students are governed by the LEX: these are the laws and internal rules determining the inner workings of EPFL. The two most important LEX when it comes to education are the Ordonnance sur le contrôle des études (not available in English) and the Internal directive concerning examinations at EPFL.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding these subjects, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Representation Unit: contact page.

To read about older projects: archives page.


Deferred exams

Currently at EPFL it is not possible to do an exam outside of the ordinary session's period. This is problematic for a number of reasons and is often a source of complaint from student representatives to the EPFL board. A project for deferred exams has been presented and is being discussed.


Integration of Student Rep. in Faculty Councils and School Assemblies in the ARES-CERES system

Student representatives are present in two bodies that have no direct links with AGEPoly: the faculty councils and the school assembly (CF and AE). Good coordination between all representatives is essential in order to best represent the interests of students. This project aims to improve the link between the representatives at the CF and the AE and the ARES/CERES system in order to coordinate the action of student representatives at all levels.


National representation

Since January 1st 2015, AGEPoly is no longer part of VSS|UNES (National Student Union of Switzerland) anymore. However, AGEPoly maintains good relations with other student associations in Switzerland, especially with its counterpart at ETH Zürich, VSETH, for subjects that concern both schools.