If you have any questions or comments regarding these subjects, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Representation Unit via representation@agepoly.ch



COVID-19 Operating Committee

The committee coordinates and implements the decisions taken by EPFL Management. Each department is responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the commission according to their area of competence. AGEPoly is represented by Manon Boissat.


Helping Hand

AGEPoly and several EPFL services (Mediacom, SAE) have set up the Helping Hand initiative, a team in charge of finding ideas and developing concepts to help students in their studies and for their well-being.


Student Representation

The current health crisis has changed the lives of students. AGEPoly has launched several surveys among students to gather their feelings on this new way of studying and the measures announced by EPFL. AGEPoly is in active dialogue with EPFL Management to try to reduce the impact of this crisis on students' well-being and academic progress.

Campus and teaching


Exam methodology

This project examines point by point all the problems often encountered by students during their exams; it is based on LEX 2.6.1 which governs the conduct of exams. It aims to ensure that written and oral examinations run smoothly. This project has just been presented to the management team (AVP EDU), and is currently being discussed to know how to implement it.


Participation in CDS commissions on education

Pierre Dillenbourg, Associate Vice-President for Education, created at the beginning of his mandate commissions attached to the commission des directeurs de sections (CDS) which should propose actions on the issues they deal with.
1. Projects: maximising the benefits of projects in education
2. First year: optimising learning outcomes and experience
3. Hybrid: designing scenarios for hybrid (digital + face-to-face) teaching from autumn 2021
4. Simplify: identify/review processes that can be simplified
Each group includes one or two representatives from AGEPoly.


Integration of Student Rep. in Faculty Councils and School Assemblies in the ARES-CERES system

Student representatives are present in two bodies that have no direct links with AGEPoly: the faculty councils and the school assembly (CF and AE). Good coordination between all representatives is essential in order to best represent the interests of students. This project aims to improve the link between the representatives at the CF and the AE and the ARES/CERES system in order to coordinate the action of student representatives at all levels.



The number of students at EPFL has increased considerably over the years. Therefore, it is important to maintain study conditions that are conducive to their success. The Student Representation team regularly consults class delegates and students on the availability of infrastructure on campus, the occupation of auditoriums, etc.


National representation

Since January 1st 2015, AGEPoly is no longer part of VSS|UNES (National Student Union of Switzerland) anymore. However, AGEPoly maintains good relations with other student associations in Switzerland, especially with its counterpart at ETH Zürich, VSETH, for subjects that concern both schools.



Sustainability Task Force

At the end of 2019, EPFL Management entrusted a task force with drafting a Climate 2030 action plan, on the topics of education, research, innovation and campus operations. AGEPoly is represented by Nicolò Ferrari and Jeanne Estienne.


Food on campus

EPFL has launched a project, EPFL 2020/2030, in which it promises better food/catering on all levels. AGEPoly is represented by Manon Boissat.


Sustainability Dialogues

AGEPoly, attentive to the ecological awareness of students and a large part of civil society, organised a series of five Sustainability Dialogues. These events aimed to open the debate within the EPFL community on topics related to sustainability, by inviting external and internal personalities to the campus and by allowing an open dialogue with the public.



Task Force Harassment A-Z

Under the direction of the Vice-President for Responsible Transformation (VPT) at EPFL, aTask Force Harassment A-Z & Promoting a Culture of Respect has been set up to ensure the implementation of prevention and awareness measures. AGEPoly is represented by Camille Montemagni.