The Foundation for Student Housing (FMEL) is a foundation which aim is to allow students to rent rooms in Lausanne with reasonable prices.

It is a big foundation and it has an organ called the Foundation Council which makes sure that the organisation stays in the right track and fulfills its goals. That is where you have an AGEPoly representative ! There are also representatives for the tenants, and a representative for the FAE (the student association for UNIL students). Our goal is to represent you and put the students’ interest at the center of the discussions.

We also meet with the FMEL board to discuss the day to day at FMEL and the problems we might encounter. Last time we talked about the construction site at Bourdonette, the stealing of packages, the problems with hot water, the relationship with the management of the houses and much more!

If you have any questions or problems you would like to bring up, do not hesitate to contact me, by email at representation@agepoly.ch or on Telegram @Alexia_GiroudNyer.