Team recruitment

AGEPoly consists of multiple teams whose task is to help the committee carry out its main objectives. Without team members, we wouldn’t be able to do any of the amazing things that we do… So, if you want to get involved for your fellow students, join us!

Here’s all the important information:

Not sure which team is right for you? Here’s a bite-sized summary of what you can expect to help you make a decision!


Representation team

The representation team meets on a weekly basis, discussing current affairs related to studies and campus events. The team writes position papers on behalf of AGEPoly, takes part in Work Groups set up by the EPFL management, and works on proprietary projects. It also influences the external policy of AGEPoly at the Swiss and international level.


IT team

The team is split into 4 working groups. First the “front-end”, i.e. the development of ergonomic and fast interfaces for our many users. Then, the “back-end”, which exposes documented APIs for the front-end and other services. A third development group is responsible for maintaining the accounting software modules. Finally, these three divisions come together on a new infrastructure that is more robust and easier to use.
Software/Programming languages used: (front) VueJS, JS/TypeScript, (backend) Rust, NodeJS, (accounting/tools) Odoo, Python, Django, (infrastructure) Kubernetes, Helm, Gitlab CI/CD.


Communication team

The tasks of the communication team are so diverse that the team members are divided into several sub-positions, with the freedom of choosing whichever ones best suit each member. There is the possibility to lead individual projects, as well as to drop in on other projects that are of interest. The positions are: photographer, videographer, graphic designer, editor, social media manager.


Sport team

In the sports team, you will have the opportunity to learn how to organize and manage various sporting events of very different scales. The projects are divided according to the interests of the team members. Whether it is to organize unusual sports initiations, tournaments, match screenings, or even Polyski, there is something for everyone!


Animation team

The animation team offers various activities and events on and off campus. By joining the team, you will be able to participate in the organization of our recurring events such as PolyNite, Back from Pâques, the Advent chalets, and PolyNice, but also bring your ideas for new activities or events; the possibilities are endless!


Prevention team

At the beginning of the year, the responsibilities of the various projects are divided between the members of the team (generally 2 managers per project). Any other team member can contribute based on interest. There is usually a weekly meeting (~1h30). There are always existing projects to develop, however any new idea is welcome; the strength of the Prevention team is also its flexibility! Depending on availability and interest, representation roles can be taken (e.g. participation in working groups with EPFL)


Services team

The services team has many different projects ranging from managing the stock of items in the AGEpoly shop, to organizing events such as various fairs, the sale of skis, and arranging deals by talking to external companies. It also comprises the organization of goodie bags as well as breakfast distributions. It is a very broad pole that also leaves room for your new ideas, so you will certainly find something fun and interesting to do!


Logistics team

The logistics team lends AGEPoly equipment to campus associations and commissions to facilitate the organization of events for students, as well as offering logistical services. Throughout the year, you will be able to independently carry out projects that are important to you to improve the conditions of organizing events on campus. You will not only have the opportunity to repair and maintain various pieces of equipment, but also to build superb pallet chalets, a good way to apply your engineering knowledge!


Internal team

You will work with 3 members of the Executive Board: the Administrator, the Head of Commissions and the General Secretary. You will help to create and monitor budgets, and take part in the organisation of intern events such as inter-commissions. Finally, you will also help in the implementation of pluridisciplinar projects.

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