To get involved with AGEPoly, you have several options:

AGEPoly has several teams, whose task is to assist the board in carrying out its missions. And yes, without our teammates, we could not do everything we do … If you are interested in investing in students, join us!

And in the meantime, if you would like to know a little bit about which team is made for you, here is what to direct you to:


Representation team

Number: 10 people
Profile: Committed, motivated, hardworking

As a delegate since birth, you are committed to defending and helping others. Conscientious, you like to get involved in projects that will change things at EPFL... and beyond!


IT team

Number: 7 people
Profile: Responsive, modern, interested

The IT team manages the entire digital infrastructure of AGEPoly. It is a Swiss army knife that administers both the servers and all the programs coded and used internally.


Communication team

Number: 6 people
Profile: Creative, responsive, outgoing

There to ensure the consistency of the image of AGEPoly, the product communication team and overview of all information intended for the outside of the association.


Sport team

Number: 12 people
Profile: Dynamic, teamwork, motivated

Mens sana in corpore sano, at EPFL we quickly forgot about sports between classes and beers, but not the sports team... always there to organize something to make you move!


Animation team

Number: 15 people
Profile: Collaborative, motivated

You don't know much about AGEPoly yet, but want to discover and get involved? The animation team is the perfect first step, always there to make the campus more alive and dynamic!


Prevention team

Number: 10 people
Profile: Interested, voluntary, social

You are a unicorn, here to inform students about the dangers around us. You enjoy working with professionals on campus awareness. Your goal is to make the students feel safe on campus.


Services team

Number: 10 people
Profile: Negotiator, caring

Always on the lookout for bargains, you never hesitate to share them with those around you. It's time to share your talents with all the students and apply to services team.


Logistics team

Number: 14 people
Profile: Handyman, responsible

Do you want to discover the world of logistics? The logistics team manages the loan of an unnamed amount of equipment to campus associations, and builds chalets in a crazy atmosphere.


Administration-Committees team

Number: 7 people
Profile: Experienced, independent, motivated

A bit of a jack-of-all-trades. New to AGEPoly, she is here to provide internal help to AGEP!

So, are you interested in one of them? Join us at the info session, and if you are already convinced, write to us at