Upcoming General Meeting: February 14th 2023

AGEPoly will held its (Extraordinary) General Assembly on February 13th 2023 at 5pm15 on Zoom. We will use the voting procedures indicated in the “how to vote” section.

The documents are available in the document section.


  1. Welcome and explanations on the functioning of the AGO
  2. Election of scrutineers
  3. Report of the 2023-2024 General Control Commission
  4. Modification of the 2023-2024 budget
  5. Miscellaneous

Voting items

  1. Does the General Assembly accept the amendments concerning the off-campus premises project, the boursoskis, student subscriptions, the Interéquipe, the Intercommission, blood donation and the Semaine des Associations?
  2. Does the General Assembly accept the modifications concerning the Polynice project, GT 70 ans, Creptival, Stands on the Esplanade, the Semaine des Associations, Back to Easter and Conseil Juridique?

How to vote

Incoming section


The documents for the GA will be available from now to February the 8th here.

What is a General Assembly?

What is the purpose of a General Assembly?

The General Assembly is the supreme body of AGEPoly. It gathers all its members. It elects the Executive Board, decides on the Statutes’ modifications, and decides to create or dissolve Activity Commissions (the complete list of the General Assembly’s competences is available in the AGEPoly statutes). It gathers at least twice a year during Ordinary General Assemblies.

Functioning of the General Assemblies

The General Assembly are preceded by the House of Representatives, which can refuse to add points to the agenda, and give their consultative advice on the motions and the Board candidates. It also has the power to vote on modifications of some of the AGEPoly’s regulations.


An amendment is :


    • an alternative wording

    • a change to the subject matter of the vote

    • an addition directly related to the subject of the vote

The GA can propose amendments to items. They must be accepted or rejected, and in the order in which they were submitted. As the GA is by Zoom, the collection is done via an electronic form (FramaForm), amendments that are not submitted in this way are not taken into account. Here is the procedure (to be found at all times also among the GA documents):

  1. Describe the amendment on the form available soon
  2. Raise your hand on Zoom. As soon as you have the floor you can propose the amendment orally on the item under discussion. At this point the amendment is considered to be proposed, provided it has first been submitted on the GForm.
  3. The amendment is displayed on the screen and discussed by the Assembly

The amendments will then be voted on in the order in which they were proposed.


Minutes of the last General Assemblies

Here are the minutes of previous assemblies.

Documents of the last General Assemblies

All the documents of the previous General Assemblies are available here.

Do you still have questions?

AGEPoly is always available for all EPFL students!

All questions and remarks are welcome. Do not hesitate to write an email to comite@agepoly.ch or pass by our office in CM 0351.