The General Assembly is the supreme body of the AGEPoly. It gathers all its members. It elects the Executive Board, decides on the Statutes’ modifications, and decides to create or dissolve Activity Commissions (the complete list of the General Assembly’s competences is available in the AGEPoly statutes). It gathers at least twice a year during Ordinary General Assemblies.

The General Assembly are preceded by the House of Representatives, which can refuse to add points to the agenda, and give their consultative advice on the motions and the Board candidates. It also has the power to vote on modifications of some of the AGEPoly’s regulations.

Next General Assembly

The next (Ordinary) General Assembly on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 18:15 on zoom. This GA is the occasion to elect the next Executive Board. Are you interested in joining the Executive Board? Do you want to join a team? Then don’t hesitate any longer and come to the information session on Wednesday 21 April at 12:15 on zoom


  1. Welcome and explanation of the functioning of the GA
  2. Election of scrutineers
  3. Report of the General Control Commission
  4. Presentation of the activities of the Executive Board 2020-2021
  5. Presentation and discussion of the strategic plan
  6. Election of the Executive Board 2021-2022
  7. Election of the General Control Commission 2021-2022
  8. Election of the Financial Audit Commission 2021-2022
  9. Election of the Operational Control Commission 2021-2022
  10. Varias

Explanation of the items

Presentation of the activities of the Executive Board 2020-2021

The CdD will briefly present its activities since the beginning of its mandate in August 2020. In addition, an update will be given on the consequences of the pandemic on its activities and on EPFL, summarising in particular the actions undertaken.

Presentation and discussion of the strategic plan

The CdD will present its new project: the strategic plan. It will be available soon in the GA documents.

Election of the Executive Board 2021-2022

The mandates of the Executive Board run from 1 August to 31 July. It is therefore time for the election of the new board for the year 2021-2022. Here are the job descriptions.

Election of the Control Commissions 2021-2022

The terms of office of the Control Commissions also run from 1 August to 31 July. There are 3 of them:

Ensures that all the Association's activities comply with the Association's rules. It gives an advisory opinion.
Responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the Association's financial movements and processes at the end of each accounting period.
Executive control body that monitors requests to challenge the decisions and lack of decisions of the Executive Board. It has the power to block, in a binding manner and on behalf of the GA, the decisions of the CdD relating to the subject of the challenge, or to bring the subject of the challenge to the GA. The CCO cannot block the convening of a GA by the CdD.

How to apply?

To the Executive Board: Send your application to by 30 April at the latest, or by 14 May if there is only one candidate or less for a position. Applications will be updated as soon as possible here. We are organising an information session to introduce the job descriptions and answer any questions you may have. It will take place on Wednesday 21 April at 12:15 on zoom. If you are interested in applying or joining a team, we strongly advise you to attend and ask all your questions! The session will also be recorded and available among the GA documents. 

To the General Control Commission or the Financial Audit Commission: Send your application to or apply during the GA (we prefer if this is done in advance so that the digital GA runs smoothly).

To the Operational Control Commission: During the GA! As there are eligibility criteria, it is complicated to apply in advance. 

Adding points

If you wish to add an item to the agenda of the General Assembly, you can write to before 30 April 2021. This item will be discussed in the CdR and must be accepted by both bodies (representatives and commissions) present at the CdR. If the added item is accepted by the CdR, the GA agenda is therefore modified and will be dealt with between items 9 and 10.


An amendment is :

The GA can propose amendments to items. They must be accepted or rejected, and in the order in which they were submitted. As the GA is by zoom, the collection is done via an electronic form (FramaForm), amendments that are not submitted in this way are not taken into account. Here is the procedure (to be found at all times also among the GA documents):

  1. Describe the amendment on the Framaforms available soon
  2. Raise your hand on zoom. As soon as you have the floor you can propose the amendment orally on the item under discussion. At this point the amendment is considered to be proposed, provided it has first been submitted on the GForm.
  3. The amendment is displayed on the screen and discussed by the Assembly

The amendments will then be voted on in the order in which they were proposed.

Notice from the House of Representatives (CdR)

The notice of the CdR on the agenda items will be available by 9 May (the CdR will take place on 5 May) in the GA documents.


All documents for this GA are available here.
Here are the minutes of passed assemblies.

Last General Assembly

The last (Extraordinary) General Assembly took place on November 25th 2020, at 6:15 pm, on Zoom. Here is what was discussed.

Do you still have questions ?

AGEPoly is always available for all EPFL students!

All questions and remarks are welcome. Do not hesitate to write an email to