You’re probably aware that space is becoming scarce in various contexts on campus. Thus, nearly two years ago, the school decided to contemplate and discuss with various entities, including AGEPoly, means to limit the growth of first-year students.

In January of last year, the school proposed the following modification to BA1 admissions, for a duration of four years [link required: EPFL wifi or VPN]. In summary, the proposal is to limit BA1 enrollment to 3000 students, automatically accepting all students who repeat the first year, have a Swiss maturity certificate, Swiss nationality, passed the admission exam, are Swiss or have passed the CMS, and then allocate the remaining spots to individuals with foreign diplomas based on their grades in math and physics.AGEPoly then surveyed the student body on the matter [link]. The survey received nearly 500 responses (thank you!) and included the following numerical question (1: “Not at all,” 5: “Absolutely”):

We also discussed the topic in meetings with class representatives. Considering the feedback on this occasion, feedback on the above survey, and discussions between the AGEPoly executive committee and the representation team, AGEPoly subsequently released the following statement on the matter [link required: EPFL wifi or VPN]. In short, we requested several more or less significant changes, also expressing some reservations about the rather forced manner in which the decision was to be made, although not opposing it outright.

Following the consultation process, considering the responses from the various entities involved, the vice-presidency associated with education slightly modified the proposal: it’s no longer only Swiss nationals who pass the admission exam who are automatically admitted, but anyone who passes the exam, and the selection is no longer based on math and physics grades but on the overall average. These two changes are in line with AGEPoly’s written position.

Next steps: the EPFL management will need to send a request to the EPF Council (the entity overseeing EPFL and ETHZ) to limit BA1 admissions starting from the 2025 academic year for four years, and further consultation will take place later in the year to discuss other details of this new admission process.