Switzerland, the land of fresh air, mountains, and cycling! But where do you put your bike when there’s not enough space to park (especially as soon as the sun comes out in April)? AGE Poly has taken its role as a student representative to heart and contacted an EPFL employee to see what could be done. Well, lots of new bike racks were installed during summer, including some protected from the rain. This amounts to 150 new parking spots for bicycles.

Up to 200 more will follow soon, AGEPoly will run a poll to see which buildings still need more.

The issue of danger to pedestrians on the different roads on campus also used by cyclists has also been raised. A temporary solution (small bollards) had been put into place, and now the focus is on finding a way to make it more permanent.

Project Managers 2022/2023: Jeanne de Marmiés, Kuba Frybes

Project Manager 2023/2024: Jeanne de Marmiés