As the architecture section is emotionally separated from the rest of EPFL, AGEPoly tries to maintain regular contact with the representatives of this section. During the 2022/2023 academic year, meetings were organized between the architecture delegates, ASAR (Association of Architecture Section), and AGEPoly to discuss concerns specific to this section. AGEPoly is also invited to meals between the section and architecture studio delegates. Thanks to this, the major concern of additional costs for materials in projects and mandatory trips in the context of courses has been addressed. Reflections to further include architecture students in student life have also been thought out, such as paying attention to where event posters will be placed in the architecture building, possibly organizing more events in the north square (in front of the SG building), and posting on networks accessed by architecture students. 

During the 2023/2024 academic year, the AGEPoly’s representation team will continue to participate in meetings between the Architecture Section and the studio delegates and will maintain a dialogue with the Architecture Section. 

Project leaders 2022-2023: Alonso Coaguila, Philippine Milward, Salim Najib, Kuba Frybes

Project leaders 2023-2024: Zoé Noble, Roman Ostrowsky, Alonso Coaguila