AGEPoly is questioning the way exam results are communicated. Several feedbacks have reached us indicating that the current format, where grades can drop at any time as soon as the exam session is over, greatly affects mental health. Thus, we have proposed a survey on the Telegram AGEPoly – Representation: https://t.me/agepoly_representation/57 

We received 350 responses (thank you very much!) and it seems that in the long term, the preferred implementation is as follows: 

Also, the option of not touching ISA but updating grades on the EPFL Campus application periodically, for example, only once a day, seems to suit almost everyone, albeit slightly less than the specific implementation proposed above. However, it has a very important advantage: it may be possible to implement it quickly, unlike the preferred option presented above.

We will discuss this very soon with the school, stay tuned!

The raw data as well as our analyses are available here [github link].

Project Managers 23-24: Bassam El Rawas, Salim Najib