The lack of power outlets in buildings is a scourge at EPFL. Your tablet dying in the middle of class while the nearest outlet is 20 meters away, your exam taken on a laptop in a room with 3 outlets for 100 people, and the irony of the almost complete absence of outlets in the electrical engineering building… In short, it’s not optimal. That’s why the representation team of AGEPoly contacted the person in charge of outlets at EPFL during the 2022/2023 academic year to raise the issue and brainstorm solutions. A campus tour was also conducted to identify problem classes and find concrete solutions. The renovations in the CO building and under the esplanade will add many outlets in these areas. For others, construction will have to be undertaken since extension cords placed on campus are too frequently stolen for it to be a viable solution according to EPFL, and construction implies budget. To be continued! 

Project leaders 2022/2023: Kuba Frybes, Salim Najib

Project leaders 2023/2024: Lucie Moulin, Salim Najib