A stand was held for one day at the AGEPoly shop. With knowledgeable students, games and distribution of “cocktails” and food, the aim was to raise awareness of the reasons for a “hangover” and solutions to avoid it (or at least control it).


A flagship game inspired by a drinking game where you throw capsules at other capsules balanced on a bottle at a certain distance. To be won? Ethylotest !

So we want to know, what are the tips?

Being well prepared

There’s no secret: alcohol makes you tired and dehydrated, so you don’t want to leave with malus.

  • Basically, if you are sick, tired or stressed, drinking is not a good idea. Alcohol has a nasty tendency to act as a catalyst, and thus increase your bad mood.
  • Eating well is important. It’s well known that a full belly helps you to hold on better, but it’s also important not to ruin your tummy with the acidity of alcohol. However, don’t eat too much salt, because you’ll want to drink more!
  • Drink 👏 water 👏. Never mind if you have to pee all night, you have to gently prepare your body with a little moisture.
  • You can make yourself a little “log book” of your drinks so you can keep track of your progress!

I’m planning to give it a good go

It is assumed that you are a responsible adult, so it is up to you to decide if and how you want to drink.

  • Again, drink water 🙂
  • Alternate between a shot of alcohol and a shot of water. You’re limiting dehydration and limiting your intake
  • No ❌ mixing ❌ whether with alcohol or other substances (medicaments, psychotropic drugs, etc), it’s the best way to at best get a headache the next day, at worst wake up naked in a tree in Morges.
  • Set yourself (limitation) challenges. If you set yourself a limit at the beginning of the evening, you will naturally tend to drink less.
  • Drink slowly, the body eliminates between 1/2 and 1 glass (normalized) per hour. Drinking faster than your body can handle –> you are sick
  • Respect your own limits, don’t get carried away by the group
  • Take advantage of the group to help each other, help each other to keep your consumption reasonable

Too late… it’s hitting hard

The damage is done, someone has decided to practice the saxophone directly into your skull.

  • Again and again: drink water
  • Beware of “magic” substances, ask a pharmacist for advice
  • Some very serious medicines can have a harmful combined effect with alcohol, even the next day. Read the instructions carefully 🙂
  • It seems obvious but we know you, don’t reconsume (alcohol, psychotropic drugs, etc). Be nice to your body
  • Get some sleep. Just get some sleep.
  • A bit of physical activity (after rest), it makes the machine start again
  • Eat 😀 Avoid fat and acids, rather light (soup, fresh products, etc)