This edition took place over three days, from Tuesday 03 to Thursday 05 March 2020 from 10am to 5pm with a stand, yoga and physio sessions and conferences.


During the three days, from 10am to 5pm, staffs freshly recruited for the occasion held a stand at the entrance of the CM (CM 1 94.5). Armed with flyers, healthy food (recommended by a nutritionist), posters and infographics from the UNIL-EPFL Sports Service (SSU), the staffs were there to talk to passers-by, raise awareness, provide them with food recommended by a nutritionist and encourage them to participate in the various events of these three days.

Physiotherapy and relaxation sessions

Each of the three days, during the lunch break, there was a physiotherapy session given by professionals from the University Sports Centre (CSU).

There were also physical relaxation sessions during the lunch break, conducted by professionals from the SSU.


During the three days, Virginie Séchaud from Real Holistic Nutrition, gave two lectures on the following topics:

  • Conference 1: Nutrition and Immunity
  • Conference 2: Nutrition and Stress

Through Real Holistic Nutrition, it aims to promote a healthy lifestyle form of treatment, which includes “the use of dietary foods, a predominantly vegetarian diet, regular physical activity, restful sleep, stress management, prevention of risky substances and positive social connections as a primary therapeutic modality for the treatment and reversal of chronic diseases.