We are all strongly impacted by the current health crisis, but AGEPoly is here to support you and keep you informed of the progress of the situation. Since this semester, we have also integrated the operational management committee COVID-19, of which you can find more information here.

AGEPoly is also part of the Helping Hand team, a working group in collaboration with the SAE, the DAF and Mediacom. The idea is to bring together all the support initiatives available to students and to reinforce this community spirit. Each student regularly receives an email from this team presenting the actions launched.


AGEPoly conducted several surveys during the year to find out the opinions and issues that students were facing. Here are the analysis reports of these surveys:

PolyCampus, let’s meet … on the online campus

Bordom and social isolation are hard to live for many people. Thus, the AGEPoly has put up a Discord, on which you can meet new people and follow many activities! Some information:


It can be difficult to confide or to admit the uneasiness of the current situation, however it is necessary!

What is BRIDGE ? they are students from the AGEPoly Prevention team who are there to listen to you and discuss with you in a purely anonymous way. This project will be coming soon.

If you are confined? The AGEPoly Prevention team does your shopping for you! To do so, just fill out this form. This service is free, and the team will send you an invoice for your groceries afterwards.

10 advises for the confinement

EPFL contacts:

Emergency contacts: